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Spells and Potions

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Simple spell to manifest.

What you need:

1 bay leaf

1 quartz crystal

1 marker

Take the bay leaf and the marker. Then write what you want on it. Be very clear, as the universe has a sense of humor and more than prepared to play with unclear or vague desires. Be reasonable and start small with your ‘asks’.

After you have written your intention down on the leaf, hold the leaf and your quartz crystal close to your heart. Visualize receiving what you are wanting till it fills you with a fun warm feeling throughout.

Simply put the bay leaf under the crystal and let it do its job. Be sure to write down what you notice and how fast you receive it or don’t. You might find it’s gifted in a way that isn’t exactly as you asked for but you will receive it.

Blessings Beautiful souls.

Janice Gonzo


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