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Clearing Spirits

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What is a passing over ceremony?

A passing over ceremony for ghosts/ spirits conducted by healers is a deeply spiritual and meaningful ritual aimed at helping restless spirits find peace and transition to the afterlife. These ceremonies are often performed by experienced healers, shamans, or spiritual guides who possess the knowledge and sensitivity to communicate with the spirit world. The primary goal is to assist spirits that may be lingering due to unresolved issues, traumatic deaths, or attachments to the physical world.

The ceremony typically begins with the preparation of a sacred space. This involves cleansing the area with sage or other purifying herbs to ensure it is free from negative energies. An altar may be set up, adorned with candles, crystals, and personal items that are significant to the departed spirits. The healer may invoke protective spirits or deities to safeguard the proceedings and offer guidance throughout the ritual.

During the ceremony, the healer will often enter a meditative state to connect with the spirits. This connection allows the healer to understand the reasons behind the spirits' unrest and offer them the necessary guidance to move on. The healer might use various tools such as drums, rattles, or chanting to facilitate this communication. They may also conduct a series of prayers or invocations to call upon higher powers to assist in the transition.

The ceremony concludes with a final blessing, ensuring that the spirits are at peace and the space is once again purified, leaving all participants with a sense of closure and tranquility.


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