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What are you creating?

It's simple, we create what we think. If you are stinking in your thinking, that's simply what you are creating. If you believe in magic, than your life is going to be magical! If you see and surround yourself with abundance, guess what... you will draw in a life that is abundant!

If you catch yourself thinking about a situation from your past, a time of dark inner soul learning... if you choose to sit there... you choose to sit back and not evolve. This is a choice of lack. This is a choice of poverty in ALL aspects of your life. This is not the place to sit and wonder why your not happy and feeling overwhelming and debilitating anxiety.

I like to call on Momma earth for these situations. She is a gentle divine nurturer and when we get lost within our own darkest thoughts she is ALWAYS there to assist in the release! In fact she ready to take back that energy you cling to so she can transform it into life giving energy!! She wants more of us to be aware of the crap we cling to, to become aware of the connecting energetic fibers we have to her.

We have a responsibility to repair our energetic connections with ourselves. To a massive universal web of light, our spiritual evolution is for everyone.

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