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Up coming events to get you into a new mindset!

Hey there beautiful soul!

We would like to share some up coming events for you to peek at or even to share if it resonates with you. The events in the following days are to set you into a state of mindful peace and to remind you that self care is essential to healing and how we function inside out, towards the rest of the world. This helps build a healthy and happy community and of course balance, which at times feels like a very thin line. We see the light in you that reminds us of the beautiful light within us all. Sending so much love to you and your families.

Up coming events

May 24th- Tonight at 7pm- Full moon mediation- releasing what no longer serves us.

May 26th- Qigong- 7pm - Practice the art of moving meditation- connect to you and the universe with Tibetan bowls of magic bliss.

May 28th- Holistic Mini Fair- 3pm-9pm- Come join our presenters and practitioners. Learn about energy function. Amazing Door Prize draw

May 29th- Inner channel 3pm- Practice building up on your intuition and awaken to your inner sight.

New events will be posted on Facebook at:

or right here. :)

Thank you for being the amazing light that you are!

Have a very blessed day.

Love us all.

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