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Renting at Saskatoon Heavenly Reiki

Hello beautiful souls!

Trying to fit updates on this site and in store, is a lot of work but is amazing to get you all seeing profit, abundance and support!

Some ideas to get you getting your product out is to share with many people. It's amazing how vast our social networks are on twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms!

Whether you are renting a shelf, a unit or a room for an hour, a day or even monthly you are welcomed in as a part of the tribe. This world can be filled with lonely moments and here we want to remind you that you are never alone. Once you join, just come for tea and chat about possible opportunities or creation we can do together or on your own. Maybe you've been dreaming of leading a group that is really needed. Let's see if we can make your dreams come true.

First just message me and let's get you going on what your vision is!

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