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I'm feeling the energy Earth is throwing down! She just released a big load of energy that may have been our transmuted shit and it gave us a releasing shockwave back. We might have literally felt a physical dumping, like the shits.

So the energy of our wound up momma earth has been feeling a wee bit chaotic but it feels more like a shake up to me. Like a big 'Wake up you assholes', like she knows, she has control... even though humans might think otherwise. She is a smart woman, with her energy expulsions.

It's time to return love to all areas of her, inside and out. With that sharing of love and light we assist in a full transformation and evolving state for this dimension. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all live in a state of relaxation and an utter awareness of unconditional love? Without the sticky low vibration of competition, but trust in what is meant to be? Omg, seeing each others souls instead of limitations... we were meant to help each other.

I'm so ready to help people up and out into the galaxies.

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