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February is wrapping up quick and there are some groovy events already getting gathered in March. We have our regular meditations on Monday at 7pm. Look on the events page for the specific one we will be doing as they change week to week. :)

Shari will be in the house every Thursday at 7pm with her awesome Witch class and other courses. Don't miss out.

There will be a Realms of Heaven and Earth 1 and 2 class available on the 12th and 13th of march. Worth getting into this powerful ever evolving practice.

Janessa is back with Qigong! A moving meditation, where you reconnect with being in alignment with the universe. Its a beautiful practice of oneness. To top it off she relaxes you after with her singing bowls of joy.

Trent Deerhorn is back on the 19th of March with his fabulous Shaman Ceremony series.

Ending this month with a PAJAMA day healing circle.

Beth Falconer
Shauna Dziadyk
April Nickel


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