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Sometimes life feels like there are constant collisions happening but what if we shifted our perspective? What if each ‘collision’ was just our guides putting blocks along the way guiding us to something beyond amazing?

Our parents did it when we started crawling, walking and generally moving. By putting up soft pillows or walking along with us to stop us from getting hurt.

As we get older the soft barriers are no longer there and when the other shoe drops as adults, it stings.

It’s up to you, feel it and then choose. There is the choice to turn it into a negative or a positive.

If you have gems in your life, redirect your attention to focus on the good and that’s what you will pull into your life. You will pull in, energetically uplifting people, situations and abundance.

If you choose to pick a part and stay in the negative, that’s what you will pull into your life. You may feel loss of love, loneliness and financial lack.

Sometimes we all need a new perspective. No train wreck, just forks in the road.

#gratitude #love #selfcare #community #empowerment #iloveyou

Kami Hnatiuk
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