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A three card spread for July 11, 2022. A past, present and future lay.

  1. Stuck in the mud - Past

  2. Mountain - Present

  3. Spark - Future

Starting with stuck in the mud, in the past tense placement. I think many can relate. The feeling of being stuck and not quite achieving what we really want. Stuck. Enough to create a pivot in creativity to maneuver through the ruts in life. This card is a great reminder to shift perspective.

The second placement is the Mountain, in the ‘present’ placement. Building a base. Securing the base, creating an unstoppable and unmovable mountain. So, what ever endeavour you are trying to create, start with the foundation. It will determine the longevity of your dreams.

The third card, SPARK. Placed in the future position, is creation. The flame created by the spark, flicked into creation with every new idea. It’s like planting seeds that root deep and create communities that hold one another up.

So, starting with a card that appears devastating to some. When in reality it is actually a beautiful reminder that some times being stuck, leads to creating a foundation that allows spark life into all of your dreams.

Nikki-lynn McKeague


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