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Are you feeling the mass conscious shifts? The waves that affect us all mentally, physically and Spiritually.

We get out of practice, of doing the things that bring us a sense of peace and rebalance. The uncomfortable shifts can be a great distraction from what’s important. Nurturing you.

When things start to feel off centred, it‘s a natural response to turtle. To protect. We stop taking in deep breathes. Our minds take over and we allow the inner dialogue to go sour. Fear and all her friends step in.

The secret of peace is simple. You shut it all down. You start practicing, the method of letting go. Visualize it, name it and kick that distraction out. Re-take the control of your life.

Meditate daily, if only for a few minutes. Remember, life only gets better when you live in the present and release all the ’heaviness’ that holds you back. Try it, one meditation at a time. Your own way. Just start.

April Nickel


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