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Calm but steady moving. The energies are working with mass consciousness. We are seeing weird weather patterns and storms. The barometric pressure is up and down. It’s dusting us off.

You may be experiencing an array of emotions, ringing in your ears, body aches, runny nose, heaviness, brain fog and tiredness.

Things to keep in mind when feeling the heavy and physical reactions, is that it’s calling you to let go. Stop holding on to old beliefs. Things that hold you back are heavy and you’ll find that as you acknowledge them, your body will feel a lightness.

Our bodies are made up of elements of the earth and the stars. Let the winds brush you off as we enter into another new way of life.

love you all.

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Trona Garvie
Beth Falconer
Tracy Bitternose
Feb 20, 2022

All of the above. Thank you for confirming I’m not crazy or being a baby about needing a bit more sleep. I love this information.



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