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The human conditioning has been hard on the body, mind and soul.

The soul-body is craving some deep nurturing. This is showing up for some in what we like to call ‘Hermit-ing‘ in the holistic realm. Staying alone in a depression of self-preservation. (This is not the only state of hermiting)

Stuck in negative loops of self talk and shaming mind sets of body image. Many internal and external relationships of unhealthy mixtures in toxicity. This includes everyone from every gender term. We all have fallen prey to it at one time or another.

It‘s true, things have gotten a little better. People are rising above the shame into amazing resolves of self-confidence. Partners helping one another with healthy encouragement. Let them be those role models. Without judgement of the possible health risks- one way or another.

The voices on the inside are worse than the ones on the outside. Fucken gremlins. The images in media of skinny women and men in their slender/buff tidy gender role ‘norms’ is an illusion. We are all different and the same. Mirrors for each other. Returning to this life at this time with one goal- connection, self love and sharing that light.

That‘s when true beauty is ignited. Trials and tribulations are necessary for human evolution but we don’t need to do it the way it has been done, even in these days. Letting go of a sense of competition and really learning to work together- imagine the possibilities.

Inside out. It’s time to kick out the gremlins and see souls instead of bodies of perceived imperfection. The body is a beautiful temple that has gotten you this far. When you chose to see this and practise it you will see a strengthening in self-confidence, self-love and connections beyond your imagination.

We all are imperfectly-perfect. Start the practice of loving yourself inside and out, you will see amazing changes around you… and the world.

Namaste 🙏🏻🥰

Kiernan Garvie
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