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Professional offices and shelf rentals are available at Saskatoon Heavenly Reiki.

A perfect place for professionals. The space has a welcoming energy for clients, shoppers, small businesses and practitioners alike.

We welcome all those interested in visiting. The shop is therapeutic and inviting, just for your viewing. With respectful staff, that are eager to answer any questions you might have.

We have openings for those looking to rent office space for and hour, a day or per month. It's

important for the collective in this space to support one another in growth, together on this journey and in business. If this sounds like a place you’d like to be apart of, come in and see us at 15-2220 Northridge Drive.

There are offices available for rent.

Room rental cost:

$17/ Hour

$52/ day during business hours-> 11am- 6pm

$175/month- smaller office space

$499/ month with extra benefits with space

$499/month office share ‘’… limited time offer.

$350/ month (1st 2 months) with 6 month contract.

For products we have shelf space available.

Shelf rental:

-One shelf- $37/month

-One unit- $84/month

All proceeds go to venders. Paid out weekly.

Consignment- For creators, 80% and 20% for store exchange.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to message or see us during shop hours 11am-6pm daily. The shop is closed Sundays, except during private events.

Have a peek at the website for even more clarity.

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