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Welcome to the Journey...

Ki'smet Co. is your home away from home. A place that is safe and free of judgment. A space to unwind and be your own true authentic self. 


The intention here is to bring people into a strong state of relaxation, allowing one's body to ease into calmness and healing. Helping those in releasing their energetic blocks and to deepen into a state of peace, internally. In this state one's physical body is able to enter into restoration at the cellular level. Starting the 'healing within', as it was always meant to. 

This space was created to facilitate healing, creation, and community. The mission of Ki'smet Co. is to assist others in finding their life path, to discover their internal power and confidence. In fact, here we thrive to see people succeed. We are gathering a community that assists in looking without ego, judgment or competition as we choose to work together to heal the WHOLE village.

Here to help you re-discover your gifts and to assist you on your soul journey. Helping to remind you of the amazing light that you are!

NAMASTE... The light in me sees the light in you.

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